The 18 Most-Viewed #SwinginFlipChallenge Beats

A curated collection from the first Micro-Chop sample challenge.

One week ago I started the first ever Micro-Chop sample challenge using “U Send Me Swingin,’” Mint Condition’s incredible late-1993 single. I was completely blown away by the creativity demonstrated in the submissions and the overall response to the #SwinginFlipChallenge.

I promised to compile all of the submissions into one article, but 75-plus videos is far too many for the article length limits Substack has. So I compiled the 18 most-viewed entries. I’ve linked to each producer’s Bandcamp page above their video. If you like their work, make sure to pick up a project and support their efforts.

I will also look to share some additional #SwinginFlipChallenge submissions in Micro-Chop article form in the not-too-distant future.

1) Dibiase

2) lo-tek

3) NELAC The Beat Ninja

4) Naj Ahead

N'Oddities Beat Tape Out Now! @naj_ahead
Big up to @micro_chop for the #SwinginFlipChallenge. I was swingin' my arms in frustration trying to flip this joint! Here is "Mo' Bounce Than Swing", w/ glitchy video footage of me cruising around San Fernando Valley at night. Soundcloud link:…

Micro-Chop @micro_chop

I've been really inspired by @nelacthebeatnja and @darealdibiase's sample challenges so I'm gonna throw a #SampleFlipChallenge out out there. I'll retweet anyone who gives it a go. Hashtag: #SwinginFlipChallenge YouTube link below.

5) eu-IV

6) Lightfoot

7) Nothing_Neue

8) Rich Garvey

9) Senz Beats

10) TellyMcLean


12) Stanley Ipkuss

13) Frilent

14) Densky9

15) ビクター MKII

16) Tasherre Risay

17) Danny Brown

18) The A3

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