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How producers demonstrated their creative visual flair during the #RunToFlipChallenge.

When I posted my first Micro-Chop sample challenge on Sunday, November 15th, I had pretty modest expectations. The #SwinginFlipChallenge took off in ways I could have never imagined, with producers all over the world crafting amazing beats out of Mint Condition’s “U Send Me Swingin’” and sharing their work with innovative videos to go with the music.

Check out this offering from Nelac The Beat Ninja as an example.

To my surprise people started asking for another sample challenge as soon as the first one started to wind down, so I announced the #RunToFlipChallenge on Monday, November 23rd, with The Jones Girls “Who Can I Run To” as the chosen sample source.

As soon as I posted it, entries started to pour in. The more I looked at and listened to people’s work, the more I was blown away by the incredibly inventive use of videos as a compliment to each instrumental. Not only are so many #RunToFlipChallenge participants talented producers, they also have a keen sense of to fit visuals and music together.

Baltimore’s eu-IV used a striking anime segment to go with his phenomenal #RunToFlipChallenge instrumental, giving the beat an added accent that makes for the perfect viewing experience. As the music picks up an added level of somber intensity around the 45-second mark, the visuals also grow increasingly climactic.

For his masterful take on the Jones Girls sample, Los Angeles producer Duke Westlake used a trippy music video that seems familiar but I can’t quite identify. It features a businessman running through various locales and past people in animal suits. The video gives an already amazing beat an added bit of punch.

For the #SwinginFlipChallenge Raleigh, North Carolina producer Professor X turned heads with his use of home video-style roller skating footage coupled with a tight “Ms. Fat Booty” remix. For the #RunToFlipChallenge he made a meticulous remix of Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” and paired it with vintage concert footage of her, successfully breathing new life into a nostalgic musical moment.

Speaking of powerful nostalgia, Brooklyn’s Brown Jewel used vintage footage of the late sports legend, multi-gold medal winner, and all-time fastest woman Flo-Jo to compliment her gorgeous #RunToFlipChallenge instrumental. The 45-second video serves as a moving tribute and an engrossing musical moment.

Seattle, Washington’s deelovesamy also used powerful nostalgia to go with his instrumental. Pairing his calming, mellow beat with washed out home video visuals gives it some nice additional texture and emotion.

I’ve long been a fan of Philly native Raggedy Jeans and the #RunToFlipChallenge entry she crafted with her Koala Sampler did not disappoint. With a totally unique swing and texture, she used crunchy percussion as a perfect accent to her distinct vocal flips. The Koala Sampler visual gives her presentation just the right added touch.

Several producers also took to IGTV and Instagram Live to show how they made their #RunToFlipChallenge beats from scratch. Controllerise member and Atlanta resident Leem Lizzy dedicated an entire hour-long episode on IGTV to making his instrumental from scratch. In addition to cooking up a crazy beat, he also dropped scores of gems about production and his creative process.

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São Paulo, Brazil-based rapper, producer, and professional skateboarder Kamau took to IG Live and IGTV for an extended period of time to show viewers how he cooked up an excellent beat through the use of heavy sample micro-chopping.

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As he worked through the sample, he also took to Twitter to show his work in progress. Even though it seems like he’s still working on the track, what he has so far is really impressive.

From long-form videos to shorter ones, the creative visuals continue to impress me. Pekin, Indiana producer J-Ideas, who turned a lot of heads for the first sample challenge, used a humorous Forrest Gump GIF to enhance his ultra smooth #RunToFlipChallenge instrumental.

And Toledo, Ohio production duo The Beetz demonstrated their impeccable sample flipping and neck-snapping baselines on their entry to the challenge. Furthering the power of their production, they added a short, dark, and intense video loop to accent the instrumental.

The #RunToFlipChallenge is still going strong, so if you’re a producer make sure to tap in if you’re feeling inspired by all these amazing beats and videos. Learn more about the challenge here.

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