I Wrote Count Bass D's New Press Bio

And I still can't believe it.

2020 has been a year of change and adjustment for me.

I transitioned from teaching two days each week last year, to three and a half days each week in the fall of 2019, to full-time teaching as of late January. In other words, I have a lot less time to sit in front of my computer and think of things to write about.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s certainly a challenging situation to navigate. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already questioning my ability to keep up my writing schedule along with my increased teaching responsibilities. Having said that, I will certainly do my best to make it all work.

As I first started to navigate the new parameters of my work life just a short time ago, I received an unexpected email. It was veteran MC, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Count Bass D. He asked if I could write a new 250-word press bio for him.

I’ve been listening to Count’s music since 10th or 11th grade when I discovered his “Sandwiches (I Got A Feeling)” 12”, which includes the killer Mellow Mix version. Many years later I penned an interview with him and wrote an article about his career for this here Micro-Chop newsletter.

When an artist you greatly admire asks you to write their new press bio, it’s both electrifying and a little bit scary. On the one hand, you’re thrilled that they even know you exist and think enough of your work to ask you to do the job. On the other hand, it’s no easy feat to distill someone’s quarter century-long career into 250 words. That’s just 10 words for each year.

Despite the limited space, working with Count was an absolute pleasure. He made the process of writing his bio much easier by providing me with a great deal of biographical information and career highlights. Through the information he provided and my own research, I was able to put together a skeletal bio that exceeded the 250 word limit by about 100 words. From there, I trimmed and reworded as-needed until I hit the desired length. I submitted my initial draft for feedback and made some suggested amendments provided by Count. Now the finalized version is his official Spotify bio.

This is a real moment for me and I’m trying to do a better job of celebrating my wins when they happen. Count Bass D is a visionary and a truly unique artist. Being asked to write his bio was a crucial morale boost and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Please take a moment to check out his brief but informative bio below. Once you’re done, make sure to check out Mr. Bass D’s extensive catalog.

Count Bass D Biography

Veteran MC, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Count Bass D’s life has been a musical miracle from the very beginning. 

At age four he stepped up to the drum kit at his father’s church and kept a beat. By fourth grade the adolescent musician taught himself triads, inversions, and multiple progressions in all twelve keys on the organ. 

After turning 21, Count Bass dropped his 1995 debut Pre-Life Crisisa self-produced album that features him playing multiple instruments and minimal sampling. From there he laced Vitamin C’s self-titled platinum debut with a verse and produced a “Hey Ladies” remix for the Beastie Boys’ Criterion Collection DVD Video Anthology

Not satisfied to merely play instruments, the ever-evolving creator immersed himself in sample-based production. 2002 saw the release of his Rolling Stone-reviewed Dwight Spitz and in 2004 he was the only artist besides MF DOOM to rap and produce on DOOM’s concept album Mm.. Food.

Count Bass then began an extended and prolific release schedule in 2009 that includes five full-length records with fellow MC/producer DJ Pocket, a slew of solo albums, and his 2017 Snoop Dogg collaboration “Too Much Pressure,” which was praised by the New York Times for its, “luscious, velvety, soothing, slow funk.”

After 25 years in the game Count Bass D is busier than ever, releasing the instrumental album Edibles in late 2019, the sequel Edibles 2 in early 2020, and his 10th vocal solo album CBD

Thanks for reading, see you on Friday!