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Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling.

About Gino Sorcinelli and Micro-Chop

Welcome to Micro-Chop by me, Gino Sorcinelli. During my time as a freelance journalist I’ve written engaging, narrative non-fiction articles for Ableton, HipHopDX, Okayplayer, Passion of the Weiss, Red Bull Music Academy, Reverb, UndergroundHipHop.com, and Still Crew.

My Micro-Chop article on the making of Madvillainy was selected for inclusion in the book Best Damn Hip Hop Writing: 2018.

Micro-Chop started as a Medium publication in 2016 and has earned an extremely passionate, dedicated following in the years since. Now I’m looking to further expand my audience.

The Micro-Chop newsletter dissects beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling. Each article I write to my subscribers aims to explore the intersection of the personal experience and process behind a wide variety of songs and albums. Many Micro-Chop stories have a strong focus on instrumental hip-hop and rap music, but I also write about several other genres.

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