Christmas Flips, Video Game Sampling, Computer Game Scores, Pimp C Production and More

A collection of six recent Micro-Chop articles and threads.

Hello. I hope the holiday season finds you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

A quick Micro-Chop update: I’m trying out different ways to engage readers with my articles. Recently I’ve published several articles and written them out as Twitter threads.

I’ve decided to not send each article a separate email. Instead, I’m bundling them together here in one article with the threads included. I won’t do this for everything I write, it’s just something I’m trying out. I’d love to hear your feedback if you have any.

Here are links to six recent pieces I’ve written and the Twitter threads that go with them. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

1) Pimp C On the Track: A look back at the late UGK member's evolution as a producer, his pause tape and Casio SK-1 origins, and five choice selections from his production discography.

2) The Roland SP Series: Here's how producers used the famed Roland samplers in the #SwinginFlipChallenge, #RunToFlipChallenge, #YouWereMineFlipChallenge, and #ChristmasFlipChallenge.

3) The Drummer from Supertramp Scored the 'Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon' Soundtrack: How Bob Siebenberg transitioned from recording and touring with a well-known rock band to composing the score for a popular computer game franchise.

4) Sampling and Replaying Video Game Scores: A quick breakdown of video game sampling, from early-80s funk, Fresh Prince, and Bone Thugs, to current beat tapes, game scoring, and sample challenges.

5) The #ChristmasFlipChallenge Winners and Some New Bandcamp Christmas Music: A quick recap of the Micro-Chop holiday sample challenge and some great releases that came from it.

6) Sampling and Replaying "Wonderful Christmastime": A brief history of Sir Paul McCartney's holiday classic, songs that covered and sampled it, and how people are reimagining it for the #ChristmasFlipChallenge.

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