A Brief History of #GlobalBeatCypher

A look at the origins of Today's Future Sound and Creative Minds' weekly beat showcase, some of the positive outcomes since its creation, and their March 20th event.

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In 2018 I had the opportunity to interview producer and psychotherapist Dr. Elliot Gann—better known in the DJing and beatmaking world as Phillipdrummond. We had a great conversation about his work with the Bay Area organization Today’s Future Sound (TFS) and their efforts to empower young people by teaching instrumental hip-hop production through the Therapeutic Beatmaking Model (TBM).

(Read more about his working and the Therapeutic Beatmaking Model here.)

On March 13th, 2020 Phillipdrummond continued to create positive spaces for instrumental hip-hop by starting the #GlobalBeatCypher with Today’s Future Sound and Creative Minds. Today’s Future Sound’s Instagram describes the event as follows:

“#GlobalBeatCypher features and showcases beat makers and producers from all around the globe. Our attempt to connect and combat isolation, build community, and share dope beats in the time of COVID-19/Corona and showcase producers!”

Participants in the showcase flip samples provided in the #GlobalBeatCypher sample pack. Beats are required to use samples from the weekly pack, but producers can add other drums, samples, etc.

The weekly event is held via Zoom re-streamed onto Today’s Future Sound’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube pages. Previous guests include A-Plus of Hiero/Souls of Mischief, Boombaptist, Elaquent, Juicy The Emissary, Dug Infinite, Fresh Kils, STLNDRMS, and many other esteemed producers.

In one year the beat cypher has turned into a very powerful community event. It also provides a space for people to benefit from the Therapeutic Beatmaking Model during a very stressful time. “The whole therapeutic beatmaking model is helping to process stress and trauma and providing a safe and connected place where one can be seen and build/learn from others,” Phillipdrummond says.

This week’s event features a Canada vs. USA beat battle featuring _wrks, Chaix_, and Reazhun battling Mickey Breeze, Will Randolph V, and MENTPLUS. Mark Stretch and Phillipdrummond are hosting with DeekBeats and RyNea Soul joining as special guests.

Make sure to tap into this great community building event and learn more about how to participate through Today Future Sound’s FAQ page. Hopefully the first year of weekly events is just beginning for this exciting new online space for producers.

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