#komfortfoodchallenge Highlights and One More Call to Participate

In February 2021 Boombaptist, Elaquent, and Juicy The Emissary dropped Komfort Food - a tribute to the work of the late, great J Dilla.

In late March they offered to collaborate with Micro-Chop and post song stems to give producers the chance to flip and remix their work for the #komfortfoodchallenge.

So far the results have been impressive. New York-based producer Mardu brought the SP-12 grit and fuzz while creating an excellent composition, further demonstrating an ability to fuse sounds new and old with a revered vintage piece of a gear.

St. Louis-based producer Audierre further demonstrated his creative flair shown in past sample challenges by mixing crisp, rolling drums and perfectly filtered vocals. As an added bonus he paired his captivating instrumental with visuals from Boogie Nights.

Chicago’s moshun created an effortlessly smooth song with a perfectly executed switch up mid-track and a hypnotic vibe. There are some nice, subtle bells and whistles in terms of effects and textures too.

London-based beatmaker El Pres Beats provided fans with an immersive listening and viewing experience by playing out his beat live. From pitch-shifted loops in the opening to snappy drums and impeccable live playing throughout, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Sacramento’s Telly McLean continued his impressive run of sample challenges with a beautiful, haunting series of flips using multiple pieces of equipment. The keys during the opening section of the track are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Boston-based producer Lightfoot offered yet another excellent, high-energy sample flip video with impressive SP-404 effects and filters. The end result is a neck-snapping, engrossing track with Griselda’s “Chef Dreads” vocals on top to boot.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Duke Westlake absolutely brought the thunder to this sample challenge with a towering, earth-shaking instrumental paired with vocals from the late legend Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey’s opening verse from “Who Detached Us” sounds incredible over Westlake’s production - playing out like an exceptional original version instead of a flip.

This is just a small sample of some of the goodness people cooked up for the #komfortfoodchallenge. If you’re on Twitter and want to explore the other flips go here. If you’d like to participate there’s still time - this is a the last call. Hopefully these videos inspire you to cook something up.

Here are the stems one more time just in case you missed them the first time.

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